February 2017 White Paper “Fixing our broken housing market”

The Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government has now published the awaited White Paper laying out a new housing strategy for England.

It has been recognised that Britain is not keeping up with the growing population’s housing needs.

The White Paper refers to four main objectives: -

1.            To improve planning for the “right homes in the right places”;

2.            To encourage faster building;

3.            To “diversify the housing market”;

4.            To “start helping people now”.

It also sets out proposals to help tenants including banning letting fees, promoting longer “family- friendly” tenancies and encouraging fairer rents. The full White Paper can be viewed online on the .gov website.

Feedback is being sought on the proposed changes and a consultation is open until the 2nd May 2017 with regards to the proposals.

We shall keep you posted...