Unfortunately, when this happens it can have a knock-on effect with the Landlords mortgage payments, the Landlord can get him/herself into financial difficulty.  It is far better for all concerned if this is dealt with as soon as the tenant is late with a payment.  The first way to deal with it is by an informal friendly conversation with the tenant, it could be something as simple as a bank account being changed, if there is no response, perhaps a formal letter from a Solicitors firm.  If you still do not get a reply, serving a notice may be the only way to show the tenant that you are serious and they must now rectify the problem.  There are two notices you can serve, the one that is right for you does depend on whether you would like the tenant to leave and you are not willing to enter a suspended possession order with them, or you would like the tenant to have the opportunity of coming to a formal agreement with you, that can be placed into a court order.  It can be difficult to know which procedure to follow, which ultimately provides you the result that is both practical and commercial.  You can contact us at and we would happily provide you with 30 minutes detailed advice giving you a practical jargon free solution.  It is £50.00 plus vat, and at the end of the meeting (whether by phone or email), you can serve the notice yourself and know which way you should be heading with this issue.  It is important to act quickly because it is easier for a tenant to pay a small amount back to a Landlord, rather than a large amount that may never recover.