Affordable Rent White Paper - 7th February 2017

This week the government will publish a White Paper with a new Housing strategy for England. It is anticipated that there will be proposals for further investment in building homes suitable for affordable rents, with more help being provided for those who cannot afford to buy property or indeed for those who choose to rent. A shift of emphasis from “affordable purchases” to “affordable rents”. Planning regulations are set to be considered in terms of whether they need to be amended to allow for more properties to be built for rental. It is speculated that there may be new incentives offered to Landlords for offering longer “family-friendly” tenancies. We here at Newbold Solicitors will be closely watching what exactly transpires so please stay tuned for further updates!

Free advice for family matters

it is very difficult to obtain legal aid these days especially for family related issues.  At this difficult time people need help and support but many are simply not being able to obtain it due to the cuts in public funding.  Some Solicitors are offering people free legal clinics so that they can obtain the advice people deserve without paying for it. 

Newbolds hold a free legal clinic every Wednesday at our Blackwood office between 2 pm and 5:30 pm.

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Government to Crack Down on Unregistered Deposits

If a private landlord takes a deposit or bond from a tenant, that money must be registered with a government-approved deposit protection scheme. Unfortunately, many landlords fail to register their tenants' deposits, and this can lead to serious disputes down the line, particularly when the tenancy ends and the landlord does not return the deposits/bonds to the tenants.

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My Landlord Has Cut Off My Electricity Supply

There are many reasons why a landlord might want to evict his or her tenant. Perhaps the tenant has fallen behind on rental payments, or damaged the property, or used the property for illegal purposes.

However, there is only one way to legally evict a tenant. It involves serving the correct notices, giving the tenant a set period of time to vacate or fix the problem, and - if necessary - seeking a court order for possession.

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Serving Notices: A Guide for Landlords

As a private landlord, you may occasionally find yourself in the unfortunate position of having to evict a tenant. If this situation arises, it is very important that you follow the correct procedure and, crucially, serve the correct notice.
In most cases, you will either have to serve a Section 8 or Section 21 notice. In this blog post, Newbold's experienced housing solicitors will explain the difference between the two, helping you to establish which notice you need.

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What Happens if a Landlord Won't Repair?

If you live in a rented property, most maintenance and repair work is your landlord's responsibility. If your boiler stops working, the landlord should get it fixed; if there's a leak or an electrical fault, it's the landlord who has to sort it out. In most cases, a tenant's only responsibilities are to pay rent, keep the property reasonably clean, and refrain from abusing or misusing the property.
So what happens if your landlord refuses to make necessary repairs? If you're very unlucky, you could end up like Shukri Ibrahim, a 49-year-old mother of seven from London. Ms Ibrahim's landlord, Tarrek Aslam, failed to repair several leaks in her home, and his refusal to do his duty caused Ms Ibrahim's kitchen ceiling to collapse earlier this month.

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How Can I Evict My Tenant & Get My Property Back?

It's something that most landlords hope never to do, but sometimes, evicting your tenant really is the only option. Perhaps they have consistently failed to pay rent, or continued to engage in antisocial or criminal behaviour (e.g. drug dealing, disturbing neighbours with loud music) even after repeated warnings.
Whatever the reason, you need to evict your tenant and regain possession of your property. Here, courtesy of Newbold's experienced housing solicitors, are some helpful do's and don'ts:

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Emmerdale & Evicting Tenants

Fans of the serial dramaEmmerdale will probably know how much effort the programme's creators make to research their storylines and, wherever possible, keep everything true to real life. This responsible approach usually results in a very high level of accuracy; however, Newbold's housing law specialists noticed one very troubling error in a recent storyline.

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