When Should a Landlord Call a Solicitor?

Landlords have a lotof responsibilities. As soon as you start renting your property, you become saddled with a seemingly infinite to-do list; whether it's fixing the boiler, collecting deposits, or keeping track of the rent, a landlord's work is never done.
Of course, if you fail to fulfil your duties as a landlord, you can quite easily end up in a lot of trouble. The news is full of stories about landlords who have been fined or even jailed for a variety of offences that could easily have been prevented with a little more care and the advice of a housing law expert.
If you're a landlord, it's probably safe to assume that you want to stay on the right side of the law. With that in mind, here are some things to watch out for - if you find yourself in any of the following situations, we strongly recommend that you contact a solicitor as soon as possible.

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What Can Our Housing Solicitors Do For You?

We offer a range of legal services here at Newbold Solicitors, but our largest area of expertise is housing law. We employ a dynamic team of talented, knowledgeable housing solicitors across our four offices, and they are able to assist with a huge range of issues.

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How to Make a Will

Making a will is a fairly uncomfortable concept that we all try to put off for as long as possible, especially when we're still young. Unfortunately, it's an extremely important process that everyone must go through, for without a will it's impossible to ensure that your wishes are met if the unfortunate were to happen. 

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Home Repossessions at Record High

Recent Ministry of Justice statistics have shown that the number of tenants renting properties being evicted from their homes has risen to a record high. 

County court bailiffs repossessed almost 42,000 properties in 2014, which is the highest annual figure since the records began in 2000. This is an astoundingly high figure, up from 11% on the 2013 figures. Many have said the lack of affordable homes is dramatically affecting the rental sector - and it's quite clear from these figures that there is some truth in this statement. 

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Newbold Shortlisted for 2015 Business Excellence Awards!

We are thrilled to announce that Newbold Solicitors have been nominated for the 2015 Business Excellence Awards! The firm has grown a great deal since this time last year, and we are very proud to see our hard work validated in this way - the Business Excellence Awards aim to recognise success and reward innovation across the international business community, and so this nomination places among the very cream of the crop.
The Business Excellence awards are organised by Acquisition International magazine, a monthly publication that specialises in corporate and financial news. AI has a superb reputation, not to mention tens of thousands of subscribers throughout the world; as you can imagin,e we are absolutely ecstatic even to be shortlisted for their awards. The Business Excellence Award winners will be publicly announced in May; click here to find out more about the awards.
This is the latest in a string of nominations for Newbold - you may remember that we were shortlisted for Modern Law Magazine's Law Firm of the Year award back in September, and several other examples can be seen on our homepage.

Housing Law Q&A

In this blog post, Newbold's experienced housing solicitors will answer some common questions from landlords and tenants across South Wales...
Q: How can I evict my tenant? 
A: We are often asked questions like this - 'How can I evict a tenant from my property?', 'How do I get possession of my property?', and so forth. The answer is always the same: you have to serve a Section 21 or Section 8 notice.
If a tenant owes you rent or damages your property, the first thing to do is check that you have a tenancy agreement, that you have registered any deposits properly, and that you sent the prescribed information to your tenants (if the fixed term has expired).  You should write to your tenant and explain that their behaviour could lead to them being evicted.  It is always better to work with the tenant and try to resolve the issue than to go for an immediate possession order.

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Advice for Tenants: Housing Disrepair & What to Do About It

Help! My landlord won't repair my home!
This is a common problem for tenants living in rented accommodation, but if you have a housing disrepair issue, you needn't just grin and bear it. Your landlord is responsible for most repair/maintenance work, and if he or she is failing to provide a habitable environment for you and your housemates, there are steps that you can take.

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Newbold's New Neath Office!

We've got some very exciting news from our Newbold Neath branch - we're moving! We've recently been undergoing some pretty big changes at the Newbold Solicitors Neath HQ and a new office was needed. 

We've spent some time sprucing them up so they look up to scratch and we can finally announce that as of Wednesday, 4th February 2015 we can be found in our brand new Neath office.The new and recently refurbished Newbold Neath office is located at 8 Alfred Street, Neath. 
However, our Neath branch is not the only branch of Newbold Solicitors which is currently undergoing some aesthetic changes here and there! Our Barry branch is currently being gutted so that we can give it a lick of paint or two. When we purchased the premises it needed some TLC due to some slightly out of date decor, but we expect it to be truly magnificent when it's all completed! 
Lastly, but not least, our Cwmbran branch has been so busy we've had to spread to further office space! 
As you can see, it's all systems go across all of our Newbold Solicitors offices lately, but we always have time to answer your calls. If you need any professional legal advice at all, please don't hesitate to give us a call on 0330 123 11 31, or pop over to our Contact Us page.

How Do I Get My Tenant Out?

If you want to serve notice to your tenant, contacting expert landlord solicitors really is imperative. Housing law can be extremely complex, and a huge number of landlords attempt to serve notice to get their tenants out without contacting a solicitor until things get complex and difficult. 

To evict a tenant you must obtain a Section 8 or a Section 21 notice, which will state your tenant has to vacate the property. If the notice expires and your tenant hasn't left your property, then you must obtain a court order for their evacuation. 
Contacting Newbold's landlord solicitors for legal advice on evicting a tenant before taking any action can help you get your tenant out as smoothly as possible, serving a valid and legally sound notice in a stress-free manner. Serving a notice without proper legal advice could lead to all sorts of forks in the road if the notice isn't legally sound, costing you more time and of course money as the process complicates.  Seeking our professional advice for landlords services will eliminate this issue all together. 
Our expert landlord solicitors can help you draft a notice which will require your tenants to leave, offering the most professional advice for landlords to help ensure the eviction process runs smoothly. 
If you want any legal advice on how to evict a tenant, please don't hesitate to contact one of our expert housing law solicitors and we can help offer you the proper advice you need.