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At Newbold Solicitors we pride ourselves on our 100% success rate in helping landlords recover possession of their properties. Whilst issuing a claim for possession is often only used as a last resort where the tenants have not left voluntarily, we aim to make the possession process as quick and painless as possible.

We offer a 4 stage fixed fee service with transparent costs. Whether you require full representation throughout the process, or just have a query regarding your current on-going claim, our experienced solicitors are here to help.

Our Landlord Services


possession claims stage 1Stage 1

Pre-action Letter to Tenant - £75 plus VAT                     

•    30-minute appointment to discuss your claim
•    Pre-action letter to the tenant to try and resolve the dispute before
      notice is served

Stage 2possession claims stage 2

Possession Notices (s8 or s21) from £75 plus VAT

•    Drafting and serving notice on your tenants
•    1 notice: £75 plus VAT / 2 notices: £125 plus VAT
•    Each additional notice: £50 plus VAT

Stage 3Icon Possession Stage3 new

Court Proceedings - £300 plus VAT and disbursements

•    Prepare and issue Court proceedings
•    File paperwork at Court

Stage 4Icon Possession Stage4 new

Bailiff Warrant - £80 plus VAT

•    Draft and prepare bailiff application
•    File paperwork at Court
•    Arrange bailiff appointment

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